Friday, November 21, 2008

sketchy-bits... shaken not stirred

intake and combustion studies

ideas of circulation of peeps and light... there are quite a few of these that VERY loosely examine conditions of overlap and disfiguration from the "typical" double-loaded corridor systems....

detail sneak

Still trying to get the Bartlett panels converted to post here... in the meantime.. a li'l sneak peak at one of the Hybridrawing© Panels.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


exploration of segregating the construction line layer [to be read as: the layer of lines not intended for viewing] as an actual artifact of the drawing process...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oceanside condo re:skin

Collaboration with Cameron Crockett... funding fell thru.. as usual... but a good project nonetheless.

Clients desired a new skin/identity to a dilapidated 70's condo at Oceanside with direct exposure to beach air. Project included removal of damaged/rusted/rotted surfaces and railings. Design scheme attempted to remove metal railings in favor of folded planes that became rail ledges, openings to vistas, and new identity simultaneously.

Composite lumber on anodized frames composed the simple arrangement of facade plays.

first image is the trilogy- all three skin components sans building context to understand overall relationship of solid to void.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

one more round [reverse order]

see below

these images are from the "Knock, knock" or Threshold investigation...It’s a basic question, the one of the relationship to man and machine.. flesh and metal… intelligence and artificial intelligence…

This piece symbolically explores the threshold between worlds.. between souls. It proposes its own question, that of the “who’s there”? [and perhaps just as important, “who’s answering”?].

more to come.. [perhaps]

see below

more from the basement...

top two images are the Newhousea sense of privacy protection is heightened within a context of unknown passersby, of unsolicited free-radicals that roam the immediate adjacency.   A single-cell in a multiple-cell environment.

It accepts its role as a social informant, a receptacle for the present condition of privacy control, a membrane for reflection of observation. 

The “anti-welcome mat”, though a somewhat  misleading description, suggests a condition that the dwellers do not offer their home as a constant open-condition, but rather one that is open only upon identification and invitation. 

Perhaps it’s more about the mat with the familiar inscription written in code, so that the unaware, the unenlightened, never recognize the message, while those that are invited have the symbolic translation to realize the opening of the home to outsiders.

The construct deals with “dwelling” as a function for the individual in excess. Singular occupancy does not mean in this case “small”, efficient, or compact. 

The compact-ness of intimacy comes from the  compression of typical horizontality of the average domestic condition- where wider is better…

Here, the zone of outdoor space in the “private” rear outdoor zone is equally important as the square footage inside the dwelling…

the bottom image is an unpublished working hand model of the Mobile Gatherspace

the Elusive[s]....

obscura hybriresum

still working on converting exhibit panels to blog format.. in the meantime... some obscure and meaningless [i.e. less seen] works