Friday, September 2, 2011

Fluid Tissue

Studies [on my new TabletKiosk Tablet PC] for a fluid tissue parasite. Looking at what might happen when the non-static tissue representation begins to erode and peel away the secondary surface of the drawing membrane.

Data collection tentacles... surface splicing... sheet surface scarring... duration fragmentation....

The device that draws... the machine that records the information- as it is distributed/as it is absorbed/as it impregnates the surface/and as it becomes new topographical information to be drawn back into the system.

The organic and temporary nature of the system- the relationship of the etching system and the residue...drawing. scanning. digesting. redrawing. spatializing. reformatting. I am intrigued by the drawing informing the hand, as much as i am the hand informing the drawing. Or what happens when the drawing draws back.