Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bartlett Exhibition

Quite a few asking for images... I'll post over next several days,.. individuals of the 29 panels

Monday, October 27, 2008


so, as we explore the time condition, does, or is, a drawing "done" in REALTIME? if completed in the airspace, over no place, on the threshold of timezones... where and when is the drawing... and what is the condition of real-time during the recording.. vs. the observation... vs. the occupation?

we have talked of the simultane before.. the proverbial condition of the overlap... but this is perhaps the inverse reprisal... perhaps the space between the overlap and the origin... 

is a drawing of a condition ever realtime?  Is it ever not?  the THERE and HERE... then THEN and NOW.. even the FRONT and BACK... is there a direction, a focus.. or is there, as we have contended before, a blurring that defines focus?

Is any of this real? How can it not be.. or not so? What I love about these types of investigations is the evasiveness of both the drawing subject, as well as it's implied intentions... and Form:uLA has always pursued the non-truths of architectural drawing... as both a means and an end [though end suggests a definitive condition of "marking" time... and that perhaps is left to those better versed in this subject..... after all.. these are only drawings...]

Saturday, October 25, 2008


This whole overlap of geographical/time/architectural phenomenon has intrigued me and worked its way into a diagrammatic level in my sketchbook...

what is the result of the convergence? when are we when we are trapped between zones... passing "time" as we pass time?

do we "hand  it off" to another.. ready to take our place/time as they occupy the Cronusoidal void we leave as we cross some constructed temporal threshold? Where does the time go?... My how time flies... Do you HAVE the time? .. Time out!

Or do we become observers of the passage... conscientious objectors in an unwitting play to which we never realized we bought tickets ... and are we "ok" with the scripting?

So, the drawings have started to focus [or at least explore] the interstitial space and time BETWEEn time[s]... between zones... between places [LAX:LHR] .. to investigate the condition of no-man's land, in both airspace as well as clockspace...

perhaps looking at a time funnel.. a device to speed up/slow down/pause/reset this artificial demarcation of horometry...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

more sketchbook delusions

from pocket sketchbook 02... architecture as a wind tunnel [or in this case circulation vent]... for some odd reason, there are a series of sketchbook entries that ponder the conditions of "circulation"... not as a path... but as an event... not connecting point A to point B.. but rather exploring AB as connective tissue...

for example, the idea of the circulation tissue becoming the main feature, while the nodes of destination [sounds like a Warcraft weapon] become simply openings or cracks or fragmentations of the system.. so that the primary spaces are left fairly open, while this tunnel artifact snakes its way through the space...

now, to figure out how to get a client to pay for this research ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sketchbook entry done at Heathrow airport waiting for the long haul flight in my wonderful new sketchbook... dealing with issues of confluence and imprinting

perhaps a result of the overlap of culture, architecture, time, and geography

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bartlett lecture

Just in from a tremendous week at the Bartlett- Exhibition, lecture, and 2 day workshop. This is a QT of the lecture [let's hope it works] with no words obviously... will post some of the student work [once we get PD's and names], as well as sketches done in London once I get back to real life.