Saturday, September 25, 2010

Digital Sketch mode- NSFW 3.0

Working on a new set of drawing ideas using the tablet as a true sketch pad. Similar ideas of the fragmentation and blurring of the overlap of program with the interference of the transmission of architectural documentation. 

Sort of a: 

 [program blur + dimensional fragmentation] transmission failure = x

constructed in Windows Paint on a Tablet Kiosk Tablet PC
images sponsored by a Graham Foundation Grant, 2001

this would be the first layer of experimentation. there will be many more in the mix before the final observation may be constructed. It's very difficult to post the bones of these studies in an open framework as a blog for me... since the outcome is out of view until the melting starts to take place...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Meltyshift goodness

Still in pursuit of the fluidity of programesh with the documentation of itself, another experiment onto the topological surface of the transmitting drawing membrane. Interference is tuned to research a more honest re:presentation of the architectural artifact. As the informed becomes deformed, how does the idea? The intention?