Sunday, February 12, 2012


*** UPDATE*** is selling.. though they only have 5-10 [?] left in THEIR stock [get 'em whilst you can], though they are stating they are getting more next month. Actar, the distributor, only had 3 copies left as of last week.

It has finally arrived [in the US]. 

Amazon [US] has messed up its distribution with Springer, but should be on board sometime "soon".

In California, it is available at Hennessy & Ingalls, William Stout Books, and SFMOMA.

I thank all the readers who have expressed interest in the book, and hope that the product will indeed have been worth the wait.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

B1 Article

Great 6 page feature article in B1 Magazine. Awesome image reproduction, some better than my book. Several images that were not included in book as well.

It's in Thai, so if you can help me translate... ;)