Monday, October 27, 2008


so, as we explore the time condition, does, or is, a drawing "done" in REALTIME? if completed in the airspace, over no place, on the threshold of timezones... where and when is the drawing... and what is the condition of real-time during the recording.. vs. the observation... vs. the occupation?

we have talked of the simultane before.. the proverbial condition of the overlap... but this is perhaps the inverse reprisal... perhaps the space between the overlap and the origin... 

is a drawing of a condition ever realtime?  Is it ever not?  the THERE and HERE... then THEN and NOW.. even the FRONT and BACK... is there a direction, a focus.. or is there, as we have contended before, a blurring that defines focus?

Is any of this real? How can it not be.. or not so? What I love about these types of investigations is the evasiveness of both the drawing subject, as well as it's implied intentions... and Form:uLA has always pursued the non-truths of architectural drawing... as both a means and an end [though end suggests a definitive condition of "marking" time... and that perhaps is left to those better versed in this subject..... after all.. these are only drawings...]

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