Friday, December 19, 2008

New Book call for proposals!

ATTENTION. I am working on a book with Neil Spiller for Thames and Hudson dealing with visionary architecture via traditional media. We are looking for submissions/recommendations... and we are open to unpublished architects. Please contact me if you have any thoughts. This is intended to be an international survey... and become an object of art as much as the works collected inside.

please use:

Thank you!


Lewis Wadsworth said...

That certainly sounds fascinating.

I'm surprised Mr. Spiller isn't pushing a visionary-through-digital-means survey, given that piece of his I read (somewhere) which was almost an apologia for digital media, versus Eisenman's diatribe against it.

Form:uLA / Bryan Cantley said...

He is... on his own agenda. This project is coming from T&H.. but Neil is definitely the source for architectural drawing!