Thursday, December 30, 2010


the conversation...

Somewhere back in 2000, long before the ubiquitous iPhone, linksys, and free [!] AT&T wifi @ Starbux, I worked on a little project labeled The Placemaker [or Seedplanter]. One of the peripheral concepts/experiments was a system of on-line [back before it was "online"] jack-in points, that served the multi-purpose of street lighting, solar charging stations [LEED of course], and waste management robotic assistant hubs.

The little gray explorations that were suppressed by the explosive formal and conceptual focal point that is suspended just above.... colored as the locus of power.

As I pull graphic sound bites  from photos during the retool of my catalogue for the forthcoming RIEA book, I thought it might be interesting to render the subtexts of some of the more compelling projects.

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