Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cosmology shifting


turner said...

hi Brian; I've been keeping up with your work through the blog.(i.e. you have more than 5 readers) You sat on a couple of reviews at SCI-Arc a number of years ago; I continue to be in awe and at the same time, dumbfounded by the work. It's incredibly amazing and yet I hope to see a built product eventually -All the best.............
Chris Turner

Form:uLA / Bryan Cantley said...

Chris- hi- thank you for the kind words. I guess that officially makes you #6?
I am looking forward to see more built work as well. My monograph is due out this Fall [see post above], and does contain several small built & proposed scenarios.

Thank you for following along.

Form:uLA / Bryan Cantley said...

The book is out in Europe, and will be released here in the US on Sept 26 [tho Amazon lists it as not being available through them until Nov. 1...]

There are a small handful of built/proposed "realities"...
I am hoping that my goal of a second, larger book will allow for a broader presentation of some of the built work.