Wednesday, April 11, 2012

USC Lecture

You can just make out the one person still awake, two down and one over ;)
Alice 2.0 [not textured/rendered yet] makes her first public appearance... 


8carl8 said...

Please come and do a lecture at the University of Greenwich in the UK when you are next over the pond. I am sure you know that the Dean Neil Spiller is fond of your work. I have also become intrigued by your creations. Thanks! Carl

Form:uLA / Bryan Cantley said...

Carl- thank you.
I would welcome the opportunity to present my work to the body at Greenwich.... Getting over is always the problem! I'm always keeping my eyes open for funding opportunities to get back to the UK.

Yes, Neil has been a great supporter and ally... I am flattered and honored to have such good company with which to continue the dialogue of architecture.