Friday, July 30, 2010

new images... old project

Will be dusting off this unfinished project soon.
Had some amazing images shot by Gene Ogami from LA... had to post again. Wonderful and difficult the black model...

Knock, knock

It’s a basic question, the one of the relationship to man and machine.. flesh and metal… intelligence and artificial intelligence…

This piece symbolically explores the threshold between worlds.. between souls. It proposes its own question, that of the “who’s there”? [and perhaps just as important, “who’s answering”?].

Is the machine set as the guardian into its realm, scanning and screening each potential admin. log in? Does it seek to keep out viral intruders.. hackers… humans that would dare upgrade [read: re-write] its very system of operation?

Is it a sentinel that must collect user information… saving the cookies of the human condition and location as pure data- food for its continued existence?

Or, are humans the one holding the gate? Does the machine fancy life in a world of soul, of choice, of the flesh? Does it pine for feelings, the one type of data structure that cannot be consumed in its never-ending appetite to process?

Does the human condition represent the horizon for technology, a system that can never be attained?

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