Thursday, July 15, 2010

transmission inter:ference

created on a TabletKiosk Tablet PC
images sponsored by a Graham Foundation Grant, 2001

Similar to projecting the 180 degrees of a triangle on the curved surface of a balloon to get a different sum total of the angles... or to the Stephen Holtzman reference to the "Cage-ish" experience of the sherpa listening to the distortion of "noise" BETWEEN the radio stations' "music"... so is the idea of interfering the transmission of both the act of drawing with the act of documentation.

 The RESULT [though i hate using that word as it seems to imply "finale"], is an idea of evaporative space, architecturally both in concept and in the nature of the drawing of the idea.

Meltyspace. Wavyplace. Blurspace. 

New definitions of architectural configurations? Impermanence not of just program, but of experience? Idea? Definition?


Kim Seieroe said...

I think it - like all your work - is amazing.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be in a creative phase, lots of new work here recently. Nothing can make me happier! Keep up the totally interesting and inspiring work!

Form:uLA / Bryan Cantley said...

kim and yorik-
thanx so much for the kind words

Stan arch ie. said...

Bryan through the movement of time, with no intervention of others, both the curvature of the triangle and the noise in between stations becomes what we expect as the are ever present.