Sunday, July 20, 2008

alter ego

some have asked, many have wondered... what DO you do in your spare time... ok, well, perhaps not.. but my other creative endeavor is my cover band, Alter Ego. We are pretty much a bar/party band, playing classic and modern rock ad blues.

I have been with them since January. Our most recent gig was at Original Mike's in Santa Ana [great food]... temp was a wonderful low 90s, with about a 95% humidity! We played at the outdoor set up this time.. and that heat was wonderful for keeping muscles limber [think: performing in a sauna]. We topped off at about 4.5 hours for the gig.. wanting to play more for the "encore", but we literally ran out of steam. 

Here is a link to our myspace page- check out the videos from this gig [shot on a digital camera with short video capabilities, thus the reasoning for the low quality of the image/sound]:


Was a blast that day, heat and all. The audience was tremendous, as always, and helped drive the energy. I have always preached a strong tie between architecture and music, and in my case, drumming... the drum set is a 3D spatial exercise, not only in sound, but in geography and spatial composition.. I liken it [for me] to the personal space a dancer creates when s/he is moving and carving and building...


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