Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mobile Gatherspace

Mobile-G as we affectionately call it....

The Mobile Gatherspace/Hybridmodel reflects the first attempt at realizing the potentials of 3D space based specifically on the "N"-dimensional constructs of the Digital Paper® Series. Multiple perspectival and overlapping orthographic manifestations within the same drawing provided an impetus from which to mis-extrude an experimental architectural condition[s]. Space was no longer conceived using typical 3D rational, because multiple spatial definitions existed simultaneously within each image. Though the notion of exploring a built form based on a perspectival reading is not new, we feel that the conditions formed within the virtual tablet environment promoted a unique view into multi-oriented space[s]. Since drawings are themselves "flat", there is a unique opportunity to explore the Dimensional Shifting as a response to the search for the "other side", the un-flat. As with any typical orthographic object, not all faces are simultaneously viewable. Though we experimented with the idea of seeing multiple views of distorted versions of the same form within the same drawing, the mechanism of the drawing itself prevents [to our delight] the true documentation of this multi-dimensional, fragmentation of architectural reality.

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