Friday, July 18, 2008

on the boards

Monument / entry sign for the City of Santa Ana
Client is actually Truth Advertising... they approached us for a concept for an entry sign to the city... the response was to refute the typical "stone and wood' sign that permeates Orange County... and apply a fresh viewpoint.. keeping materials minimal and repetitive.. and speaking to the future, not the past...

Pneumatic legs allow for self-leveling [sloped site], to be anchored to circular concrete pads. Extended plane at base will wrap the trunk of an iconic Southern California palm tree [thus adding a vertical marker where we cannot place one that is man-made].

Triangular "road sign" panels will attach to the front, with the respective organization logo silk screened for identification. The simple contrast of OSHA yellow on the cool steel grey will provide sufficient visual anchor for the adjacent roadway [intersection of Main and the 5 freeway].

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