Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Book progress

With the help of Andrea Garcia, freelance editor extraordinaire, I am compiling data for our book proposal [working title "Mechudzu"]. We will be attacking publishers with a proposal hopefully by the end of summer, and are currently talking to [and looking for!] graphic designer[s] to help with the concept of the book as an idea. 

This is an ongoing and arduous journey, so I will update as things progress. My gratitude to Andrea for whipping me into shape, and for attempting to make sense of the chaos that is my studio/portfolio/backlog.

I will set up a set of images that document the "categories" of the book as it stands now [subject to change by the hour...]

ok... so Blogger is preventing me from uploading images... so we will just stay with text for now [why, oh why do they torture me so?]. ugh. technology. 

ok, now they mock me and allow my upload... never, ever let the blog script hear you think out-loud...

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